First Annual REXFEST Celebrates REXKL’s 5 Years of Creativity and Community

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 Nov  2023 –  REXKL, the art and culture hub occupying the former Rex Cinema, is commemorating its 5th anniversary by launching REXFEST, a vibrant festival celebrating the city’s rich history, arts, and community spirit. From Nov 24 to Nov 26, 2023, in partnership with Connor’s Stout Porter, the inaugural REXFEST will enrich downtown Kuala Lumpur with a diverse programme of live music, digital art, and workshops. performances, exhibitions, and gastronomic delights.

“The collaboration between Connor’s Stout Porter and REXKL aims to celebrate creativity in all its forms. This festival unites artists, fosters exciting partnerships, and welcomes new friendships, creating a harmonious blend of art, culture, and innovation that bridges familiar faces with fresh talent. Connor’s continues to deliver quality stout and cool, modern experiences where consumers can ‘Taste the Good Times’, and at REXFEST they will be able to immerse themselves in a place where the magic of stout, art and music converge,” said Lim Kok Kean, REXFEST festival director.

The excitement kicks off with AFTERLIFE x GOEN – DIVERGENCE, an event that transcends traditional notions of freedom. This fully immersive party combines music with 270-degree projection mapping to create a unique audio-visual experience unlike anywhere else. This ticketed affair boasts a line-up of skilled DJs, including Suhsi and Hazel, experts in captivating genres like Psytrance and Techno music, Raven, celebrated for her mastery of Melodic and Hard Techno, and WCKD, who’s adept at seamlessly crossing various musical realms including Techno, Industrial Techno, Psytrance, House, and more. Additionally, the event will feature a showcase by Azarikh, a digital immersive artist with a notable portfolio, including collaborations with international sensation Joji and local star Yuna.

REXFEST’s exclusive ticketed event lineup continues with ‘KUANTUM: FORGOTTEN FACADES,’ an immersive blend of electronic music and visual arts crafted by Kuantum, a collective of artists from diverse multi-disciplinary backgrounds who expertly fuse visual art and electronic music to deliver a fully immersive, concept-driven audio-visual experience. The DJ lineup features talents like Rimka, who’s rocked the decks at renowned venues like Savaya Bali and It’s The Ship. Lzzy is a Malaysian-based self-taught DJ, who has gone from teenage bedroom selector, to regional club regular, and has graced the decks from Bali, Tokyo to Amsterdam. Gasing, a resident DJ at Saturday Selects, has graced stages such as  Love Saves the Day Festival. Adding to this eclectic mix, we have Nazreth, affiliated with collectives like Voidrealm and Modulus.KL and Intermissions’ 535 EYE, a resident DJ at fono kl, who has played at Under9, Small Shifting Space, and beyond.

The evening promises immersive creativity and diverse sounds, with REXPERIENCE’s fully immersive projection and sound system providing a one-of-a-kind experience. Effortlessly blending futuristic electronic music, reimagined architectural designs inspired by REXKL, and emotionally evocative visuals, this showcase promises visitors an unforgettable journey through time and artistic expression. The experience includes the creative talents of immersive visual artists such as Vuevossa, renowned for his work with KongsiKL, Aman Fest, Small Shifting Space, and more, alongside Zhonkvision and Shared Mind Visuals. 


Get ready for SOUNDSCAPE RECORDS x FILAMEN: ODYSSEY, curated by Soundscape Records, an independent label renowned for its extensive music curation, and Filamen, the leading local collective in multimedia art. Experience something truly unique with REXPERIENCE’s state-of-the-art fully immersive projection and sound system. This ticketed event will  feature exhilarating  performances by notable artists, including indie rockers The Times (“Gadisku Dalam Koma”, “Pesona Algebra”) celebrated for their anthemic Britpop-influenced sing-alongs, high energy rockers Kyoto Protocol (“Pussycat”, “Jelita”) whose entertaining live performances made them a crowd favorite, Shelhiel (“AAA”, “Sayang”), who has graced stages such as the ASEAN Music Showcase Festival and Good Vibes Festival as well as opened for international acts such as Sunset Rollercoaster, and FKJ, math/post-rockers Dirgahayu (“Istinggar”, “Kyu/Ju Roku”) well known for their intense live shows and alternative math rockers The Filters (“BZD”, John Pine”) with their signature stomping tunes that gave them a cult following. The performances will be accompanied by mesmerizing visuals by Grasshopper, known for projects like  ATMA KIRANA, BENTALA, and CENDAYAM, currently showcased at various prestigious galleries, Futuresigner, who specializes in interactive installations that are designed to deliver narratives, Jiajia, who has been involved in projects such as the Klang River Festival (KRF) and Kuala Lumpur Design Festival (KLDF), and Vasflow, who consistently engineers exclusive, avant-garde visual experiences through the medium of immersive projection.

Throughout REXFEST, attendees have free access to a line-up of events and activations, commencing with Homeground—a showcase orchestrated alongside Tong Tong Asia and Breaking Music, two Kuala Lumpur-based music labels nurturing budding songwriters and artists. Spotlighting rising Malaysian pop stars like Lil Asian Thiccie (“Get Munni”, “Hurts So Good”), TY:DEL (“so in love ( tonight)”, “bad together”),  Adriel (“Rocketship”,” Potential For Love”), Zekke (“éros”, “hypocrite”),  Munjiy, Perry (“Delorean”, “idkwtfigo?”), and Jar Francisco (“Fomo”, “Switch Up”), Pop Rising is poised to electrify the stage and animate the dance floor at REXFEST.

fono got jazz

Visitors can also indulge in an evening of jazz as fono kl makes a one-night return to REXKL with fono Got Jazz, featuring two leading bands, note/void and Lawrence Wright Jazz Ensemble (LWJE).  note/void, a blend of jazz and avant-garde, features ASWARA graduates and current students defying traditional jazz with a punk-inspired twist, offering a unique take on the city’s jazz scene. Lawrence Wright Jazz Ensemble (LWJE), led by Marques Young, the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra’s trombone principal, showcases his versatility outside classical performances at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas where he will be joined by the highly sought-after Malaysian drum prodigy, John Thomas. The evening will include support from fono Hi Fi’s special vinyl set, which will be supervised by Uzair Sawal and Kingston.

Hush & Snap: Off The Books, REXKL’s monthly open mic night, redefines poetry and spoken word by shattering its ‘boring and pretentious’ image, welcoming newcomers and seasoned performers alike. It’s a nexus for diverse creative streams— from theater to music—enhanced by the introduction of a poetry slam, injecting competitive fervor into the event. Get ready for a charged atmosphere where passionate poets ignite the stage with their talents.

Connor’s Stout Porter will be adding its signature cool and crafty vibes to REXFEST. Offering its four premium malts and perfectly balanced taste, visitors can look forward to Connor’s Mixologist Masterclass led by the Parkroyal Collection Kuala Lumpur’s Head Mixologist, Lee Wei Lung, the youngest manager to helm a bar with stints at Asia’s 50 Best Bars Coley, Pahit, and other notable bars. Participants will be able to try their hand at concocting the first-of-its-kind Connor’s Coffee cocktail, alongside other useful mixology tips and tricks. Festival goers will also have the opportunity to perfectly recreate the draught stout experience from a can by learning its signature serving ritual at the Connor’s Shake Corner located at the Foyer and score a complimentary can of Connor’s. This superb liturgy retains the creamy head and gentle roasty undertones of its four premium malts including lager malt, caramel malt, brown malt and roasted barley, plus kicks off the brilliant cascading effect that makes Connor’s all the more irresistible. The Connor’s Bar is where consumers can anticipate an entertaining and immersive experience centred around the cool and crafty world of Connor’s. The inviting ambience exudes warmth and camaraderie, making it an ideal spot for friends to gather and Taste the Good Times over a cheeky pint of Connor’s draught. There is also a free Connor’s draught up for grabs for those participating in the Connor’s Snap & Post activity.

Ticklish X Connor’s Stout BBQ Ribs

Connor’s brings the finest of both stout and music together all within the confines of one spectacular event as art and music lovers ‘Taste the Good Times’ over the three-day fest. REXKL food vendors have teamed up with Connor’s Stout Porter to offer a unique and exclusive menu at REXFEST. Festival-goers will have the delightful opportunity to not only witness but also indulge in a diverse range of culinary experiences. From the enticing Connor’s Cocktail at The REX Bar to the mouthwatering Connor’s Pizza Bundle at Phil’s Pizza, the tantalizing Ticklish X Connor’s Stout BBQ Ribs, and much more! There is something to satisfy every taste. These exceptional collaborations will be exclusively available at REXFEST throughout all three days of the event, ensuring a memorable culinary adventure for guests

Participate for free in the Street Art Sesh, a Live Graffiti Session with renowned local graffiti and street artists, Nestwo and KOS from 5 PM – 8 PM on 24 Nov and 12 PM – 6 PM on 25 and 26 Nov. Learn the art of graffiti and gain tips and pointers from both artists to create a graffiti piece inspired by Connor’s Stout.

Biang Biang Noodle Bar

Dare to put your tongue to the test? Join the Biang-Biang 911 Challenge and see how far your taste buds can handle spice! Visitors could also register and participate in the Old Trades of Petaling Street Walk, in which participants will explore the businesses or vendors with long histories in Petaling Street with our trusted guides or our Petaling Street Gourmet Food Hunt walk, in which participants will get to sample some popular local delicacies and interact with the food vendors.

Get your spot and get creative! Register to join Mr. Long Thien Shih’s “Paint the Bloom in Love” Watercolor Workshop on 24 and 25 Nov from 11 AM – 1 PM, where you will learn how to depict intricate details of various blooms, or make decorative bowls with KANOE who will be hosting an upcycling workshop called Upcycling Batik Scraps into Bowls by KANOE on 25 Nov at 12 PM – 6 PM.

Get your loved ones, your best friends or yourself some flowers at Stellar Flower Stand that will be available at REXFEST from 24 Nov to 26 Nov at 10 AM – 8 PM. Or shop and stroll at Friends Club Mini Flea Market on all three days of the event from 12 PM – 8 PM  where you will be able to find a delightful variety of treasures, including Film Cameras, Photo Books, Handmade Crafts, Art and Stationeries, and Fashion Accessories.

Experience the lively festivities and celebration at REXFEST! With most events offering free entry unless specified, it’s a celebration not to be missed. Secure your tickets today at

Ticketing Details:

Ticketed Events Price
AFTERLIFE x GOEN – DIVERGENCEEarly bird – RM40 (Limited)

Pre-sale – RM60

Door – RM90

Pre-sale tickets bundle

2 tickets bundle RM100

4 tickets bundle RM180


* Tickets go on sale 7 Nov


Pre-sale – RM60

Door – RM90

Pre-sale tickets bundle

2 tickets bundle RM100

4 tickets bundle RM180


*Tickets go on sale 8 Nov

SOUNDSCAPE x FILAMEN : ODYSSEYEarly bird – RM50 (Limited)

Pre-sale – RM80

Door – RM100
Pre-sale tickets bundle

2 tickets bundle RM130

4 tickets bundle RM200


*Tickets go on sale 9 Nov

Old Trades  of Petaling Street WalkRM70 per pax (inclusive of RM15 worth food map and food sampling)


Email organisers at to book a slot


*Each session is limited to 15 pax, first come first serve basis. ​​Session is conducted in both English and Mandarin

Petaling Street Gourmet Food Hunt walkRM35 per pax


Email organisers at to book a slot.


*Each session is limited to 15 pax, first come first serve basis. Session is conducted in Mandarin only.

“Paint the Bloom in Love” Watercolor WorkshopTime: 2-hour session, 11am to 1pm


Price: RM250 per person (materials included)


Head over to @stellarcoffeee on Instagram to register.


*Open to 4-5 pax

Upcycling Batik Scraps into Bowls by KANOERM50-80 per person

1 bowl  RM50 / 2 bowl option RM80


Register  here


*12 pax per hour (1 hour slot per person)


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