Lagenda Properties Berhad inks 10-year partnership with Sim Leisure Group to design and construct leisure spaces for residents

Kuala Lumpur, 9 March 2022 – Affordable housing and integrated township developer, Lagenda Properties Berhad (“Lagenda”), recently entered into a 10-year partnership with ESCAPE brand creators, Sim Leisure Group Ltd, an internationally renowned theme park designer and operator, and the owner of ESCAPE Penang – famed for having the longest water slide in the world.

The partnership in principle revolves around the design, construction and operation of recreational parks by Sim Leisure Group within the existing and future affordable township developments of Lagenda with the aim of elevating leisure areas with exciting and family friendly attractions.

Through this collaborative effort, Lagenda aims to optimise green spaces within its current and future townships beyond the standard park and playground set-up, instilling a sense of pride and vibrancy amongst homeowners.

This is in-line with the Group’s core objective of building affordable housing townships which provides home-owners with maximum value, well-planned and distinctive homes – combined with a strong focus on sustainable, unique, and family-orientated facilities to improve their quality of life.

To achieve this, Lagenda has set aside land sized between 20,000 square feet up to a few acres in size for such recreational parks, segregated between a commercial and non-commercial elements. Emphasis will also be on utilising environmentally friendly materials and construction methods in line with Lagenda’s commitment to promote ESG elements in every township, a further add-on to the existing solar power push within the townships.

“We are constantly looking for ways to further add value to our affordable townships. Lagenda focuses on a commercial approach to development planning and delivery, but always hand in hand with community needs. Partnering with Sim Leisure Group will provide residents with fantastic theme park styled common areas with sustainability at the heart of the development.” said Dato Jimmy Doh, the Managing Director of Lagenda.

“The nature-oriented ESCAPE Penang is not just fun, but sustainable and family friendly. These shared common values with Lagenda led to a natural fit in terms of partnership and we are delighted to be able to bring such expertise to our townships”, he further said.

Meanwhile, Sim Choo Kheng, Founder and Chief Executive of Sim Leisure Group said, “This partnership with Lagenda is history in the making as it essentially marks the future of housing development, and its planning. I truly commend and applaud Lagenda for being a pioneer in this area and embarking on this game-changing journey with us.” 

“Going beyond the traditional concept of neighbourhood playgrounds, the new recreational parks – ESCAPE Kids – will carry the brand’s unique identity, bringing with it a new dimension of fun and excitement to recreation within township communities. Employing our signature ‘Low Tech, High Fun’ approach, the ESCAPE Kids brand of recreational parks will redefine outdoor play in a safer, yet more exciting adventure park concept. These activities are inspired by the memories of ‘kampung-styled’ nature-based activities of yesteryear, which kids these days almost never experience with their heads increasingly buried in electronic devices. Going beyond mere play, ESCAPE Kids will also enhance the teaching of life skills, while promoting discovery and simply enjoying the great outdoors,” he added.

With a strong belief that cost-effective homes are not just for selected segments of the public but for everyone, Lagenda’s developments have succeeded in providing homes to over 15,000 Malaysian families. Each community is self-sustainable and equipped with all the necessary amenities which gives rise to quality lifestyle and making its residents their long-term stakeholders.

With the continuous rise in property prices, which are often too high for new families and the majority of the M40 and B40 group, Lagenda’s affordable housing projects not only reduce social inequity but has successfully brought people together from all social circles which echoes the diversity of Malaysia.


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