Cosmic Cookware Is Dashing Through Your Stoves! Pink Cookware is here!

Cosmic Cookware Is Dashing Through Your Stoves! Pink Cookware is here!

The holidays are  lled with cheer, charm, and enchanting decorations from the streets to your home — but who says the ornaments have to stop there? Cosmic Cookware, a brand that is loved by home cooks, presents a dashing  cookware collection made for this holiday season: a new shade in Pink Berry! Mixing aesthetics and functionality, the new Pink Berry collection makes it easy to light up the festive feast from your kitchen to the dinner table, and a great holiday gift to share joyful kitchen moments. 

The glamorous Pink Berry cookware collection is made using a natural ceramic compound that’s free of harmful  chemicals and toxins, even when exposed to extreme heat. Not only are Cosmic products made without toxic materials like TEFLON (PTFE), PFOA, Cadmium, Lead, and other “forever chemicals”, each cookware is coated with  Swiss-certi ed ILAG ceramic coating that’s guaranteed to be non-toxic and non-stick

The limited edition collection includes an enchanting mix of bestsellers like the Cosmo Pan, Cosmo Casserole and  Cosmo Fry, alongside kitchen accessories like the Cosmo Utensil Set, Cosmo Oven Mitt and Cosmic Grocery Bag,  all in the shade of Pink Berry. Cosmic Cookware hopes to spread the Christmas cheer and cooking joy as you celebrate with family and friends to create and enjoy these special moments – cookware that’s made for more than  just your kitchen. All cookware sets and individual pans are now available at

Cosmic Cookware Pink Berry assortment includes:

Pink Berry 5-piece Cosmo Set

Complete your kitchen for the year-end festivities with our Pink Berry cooking essentials. The  ve-piece collection is designed to speci cally complement the modern-day cook with non-stick and non-toxic features for any cuisine.

Jingle All The Way Set

Embrace togetherness with Cosmic Cookware’s most wholesome Pink Berry kitchen set for the Holiday season. From cookware to kitchenware, oven mitts and even a grocery tote – there’s something for all of your kitchen needs with this season-special collection.

Holly Jolly Set

Place your kitchen on the “VERY nice list” this Holiday season with Cosmic Cookware’s Pink Berry cooking starter set. From braising to browning, stewing and sautéing — cooking only gets better with our easy-to-use cookware (and matching utensil set!).

Merry Little Cosmas Set

Savour the little things this Holiday season with the perfect Pink Berry cookware duo. When it comes to cooking for festivities, there’s no better place to start than with our do-it-all Cosmo Fry and Casserole combo.

Pink Cosmic Cookware:


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