Canon Extends Partnership with Taman Tugu in Commemoration of World Earth Day

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 April 2024 – Canon Marketing Malaysia (“Canon”) has announced that it will be extending its partnership with Taman Tugu for the third consecutive year, coinciding with the week of World Earth Day. To mark this occasion, Canon hosted an Earth Day event at Taman Tugu, where over 60 employees and their families enjoyed a variety of activities aimed at fostering a deeper appreciation for nature and environmental conservation.

Canon took a step towards a greener future by hosting an interactive Eco-Workshop for children which was also participated in by 10 children from Yayasan Chow Kit – showcasing the company’s dedication to ensuring inclusive and quality education for all.  Led by renowned storyteller Nor Azhar Ishak, author of the Canon-collaborated book “A Kid’s Guide to Save Planet Earth,” the workshop aimed to educate young minds about environmental conservation and empower them to take action.

Beyond its outreach to the community, Canon also prioritised environmental education for its own staff. Canon employees were immersed in nature through an enriching guided forest trail experience at Taman Tugu. This firsthand encounter allowed them to marvel at the biodiversity of this pristine green sanctuary in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, fostering a deeper connection with the environment they strive to protect. 

In line with this year’s World Earth Day theme of “Planet vs. Plastic,” Canon staff later took part in a T-shirt upcycling workshop. Here, they were enlightened by the creative ways they can upcycle textiles in an effort to reduce plastic waste, such as polyester and other synthetic fabrics, from ending up in landfills. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with Zero Waste Malaysia, highlighting Canon’s commitment to supporting local nonprofit organizations that promote sustainable living practices.

Tracey Surin, Head of Fundraising, Activation and Communications of Taman Tugu, expressed enthusiasm on the ongoing partnership with Canon, stating, “These activities raise awareness about environmental conservation while also fostering a sense of community involvement and responsibility. This collaboration continues to be instrumental in driving positive change and aligns with our shared values of sustainability, education, and community development.”

Tracey Surin, Head of Fundraising, Activation, and Communications of Taman Tugu (second from left), joins Masato Yoshiie, President and CEO of Canon Marketing Malaysia (middle), and Koh Boon Hui, Head of Corporate Communications of Canon Marketing Malaysia (second from right), at the event celebrating Canon’s continued partnership with Taman Tugu for the third consecutive year.

Meanwhile, Masato Yoshiie, President & CEO of Canon Marketing Malaysia, said, “Our continued partnership with Taman Tugu reflects Canon’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and community development, which is guided by our corporate philosophy of ‘Kyosei’ that reflects the idea of people living and working together harmoniously for the common good.  Our employees all embody the core values of Kyosei and it is through initiatives like these that Canon hopes to contribute towards a greener and more inclusive society.”

Being a six-time winner of the Sustainability and CSR Malaysia Awards, Canon is known for its myriad of sustainability initiatives. The company has been deeply engaged in environmental conservation efforts, adopting trees at Taman Tugu and embarking on a nationwide tree-planting tour last year. This tour was part of the ongoing ‘One Canon One Tree’ initiative, which has seen over 9.000 trees planted since 2016 and will continue to expand this year.

Their comprehensive initiatives also span from fun educational programmes for children to woodworking workshops and nature education programmes for B40 communities, which have not only promoted sustainability but also fostered community involvement and enhanced their well-being. These initiatives align with Canon’s ‘Imaging for Good’ principle, through which the company strives to leave a sustainable legacy that benefits both people and planet. 

To find out more about Canon’s environmental and corporate social responsibility initiatives, visit:

Canon employees engage in a T-shirt upcycling workshop by Zero Waste Malaysia, turning creativity into sustainability and fostering a zero-waste mindset.


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