Café Escape: Energise Your Remote Working Routine at Pavilion Bukit Jalil

Café Escape Energise Your Remote Working Routine at Pavilion Bukit Jalil

While remote working offers flexibility and convenience in our daily lives, many people struggle with a sense of cabin fever from being cooped up for too long! Increasingly, people who work from home are venturing outside to find the perfect nook to get their work done. But the struggle to find a place where the coffee is as strong as the Wi-Fi can be a bit of trial and error.  At Pavilion Bukit Jalil this isn’t so much of an issue thanks to a variety of cafes with free Wi-Fi throughout the mall – so you can focus on your tasks while also enjoying unique experiences!

Brew your ideas over aromatic coffee!

Bukit Jalil Tsutaya Books, Level 2, Orange Zone

Surrounded by shelves upon shelves of books at Bukit Jalil Tsutaya Books is the perfect environment to clear out your to-do list accompanied by a delicious plate of their in-house fluffy pancakes with three delectable flavours to choose from or the Caramel Custard Pudding that’s made with premium farm fresh Kenkori eggs and is best eaten with their homemade caramel syrup. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for their monthly special menu to get a taste of what they’ve got brewing in the kitchen this month!

Artelier Coffee, Level 5, Orange Zone

If you’re looking to slog through your workload in a peaceful and spacious environment, then Artelier Coffee and its wide variety of teas and coffees, especially their signature specialities such as the Dirty Mocha and Iced Filter Coffee, are the perfect choice for you and your to-do list. Take a sip of the rich yet smooth tastes of the latest addition to their menu, Colombia Gaitania, with handpicked and carefully selected beans promising you an extraordinary coffee experience. Best of all, they now offer oat milk for those looking for an alternative to dairy!

Asuka Cafe, Level 4, Pink Zone

For the peckish worker who needs a steady supply of snacks throughout the day, Asuka Cafe offers a wide selection of snacks on its menu, from the unique sweet and savoury bagel options to their delectable selection of sweet waffles and petit cakes. For newbie coffee drinkers, they have a beginner-friendly menu with visuals of the ingredients that go in their coffees! They’ve got options for non-coffee drinkers as well, offering teas, yoghurt smoothies, and their speciality enzyme juices containing natural enzymes to promote healthy digestion with flavours that will leave you wanting more!

CO2 Coffee Bar, Level 3, Pink Zone

For the on-the-go worker who needs a quick caffeine fix and small bites in between meetings, grab a Cake in a Can and some freshly brewed coffee from CO2 Coffee Bar. With a combination of artistic yet futuristic interior design, savour the flavours of their speciality cofftails with exciting options such as Young-Man-Go, S.P.Y, or Secret Drink if you’re feeling adventurous! They also provide outdoor seating so you can get a breath of fresh air as you work through your calendar.

Flower Girl Coffee, Level 5, Orange Zone

Surround yourself with the comforting ambience at Flower Girl Coffee as you get into the groove of work. Creatives, get ready to be inspired by the decorative plants and flowers strewn all across the coffee shop, bringing pops of colours to the place alongside their wide variety of beverages, ranging from smoothies and soda coffees to your regular cup of joe. The beautifully decorated exposed brick wall also makes for the perfect backdrop for your Zoom meetings!

illy Caffè, Level 3, Orange Zone

Looking for a chic and contemporary setting to work in? illy Caffè is the perfect location for checking things off your to-do list while drinking a customised cup of coffee catered to your preferences. illy Caffè‘s coffee is made from high-quality coffee beans obtained from top coffee-growing regions worldwide, and pairs well with their extensive menu of delicious sandwiches, pastries, and cakes that you can enjoy both indoors or in the comfort of their al fresco seating areas.

Pro tip: Discover their inviting private meeting room, crafted to foster an optimal work atmosphere while enjoying exquisite coffee.

San Francisco Coffee, Level 3, Pink Zone

Serving with the purpose of providing great coffee, San Francisco Coffee promises the freshest coffee beans by retiring their beans after 1 month of roasting, 1 week of an opened bag and 1 day from being ground. Not only do they offer premium coffees and an all-day breakfast menu among other things, but they also provide a cosy and intimate space with the smell of coffee in the air so that you can work on your next big thing! Sip on your choice of coffee or discover a potential new favourite with their Coffee-of-the-Day as you work your way through those emails that require your attention.

Oppa Toast, Level 5, Pink Zone

Drop by the stylish yet casual Oppa Toast for the ideal setting to get your work done while being served by their friendly and courteous waitstaff! With more than 10 kinds of mouth-watering snacks and over 30 kinds of unique beverages for you to delight in, you’ll be able to enjoy a productive work session fueled by yummy tidbits all throughout. Get your caffeine fix and relish in the savoury goodness of their signature toasted sandwiches and Korean ramen, or check out their ReFreshing beverages to get a boost of yummy goodness for that extra push to finish up your tasks!

For more information on these cafes, head to the Pavilion Bukit Jalil website at, check for real-time updates via Facebook and Instagram or contact Customer Service at +603-8092 8833.


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