Asahi Super Dry presents a refreshing twist for a prosperous Lunar New Year by unveiling new limited edition packaging design

Asahi Super Dry presents a refreshing twist for a prosperous Lunar New Year by unveiling new limited edition packaging design

The Lunar New Year cans feature authentic and innovative masks that represent the Chinese zodiac sign for 2023,  the rabbit, and are exclusively available in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia

(11 January 2023) Ahead of Lunar New Year, the most celebrated festival in Asia, Japan’s number one beer brand Asahi Super Dry has unveiled a limited edition design on cans and outer-packaging to mark this special time of year. Exclusively available in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, the packaging with bold, red, geometric  design features nod to the Year of the Rabbit, demonstrating Asahi Super Dry’s modern Japan vibrancy and ambition  to inspire progression by going beyond the expected. 

Asahi International Asia’s Regional Head of Brand, Ms. Mag Lai shares “Asahi Super Dry represents modern Japan,  which is all about the fusion of tradition and progress. When this idea is put into a design context, the expression  reinvents the authentic motif in a progressive approach to create something surprising and unexpected. The new  Lunar New Year design embodies our vibrant and sharp attitude by taking inspiration from modern Japan.”  

The new and modern look has been designed in collaboration with the Japan-based award-winning Nippon Design  Center. With the aim to inspire people to look for something beyond the expected during the Lunar New Year, the  design features masks that explore the traditional context of the festival and performance in China and Japan. The  masks represent the Chinese zodiac sign for 2023, the rabbit, through a juxtaposition of authentic and innovative. The  authentic rabbit is expressed in the concept of origami, a Japanese paper handcraft, whilst the various shades created  by the folds give the mask a three dimensional appearance. On the other hand, the innovative rabbit incorporates the  world of digital art, with the composition of straight lines and the nuance of reflective lights delivering the impression  of cutting-edge artistry. Across the packaging, elements of geometric pattern are applied in a complex manner in order  to deliver the festive atmosphere of Lunar New Year whilst giving a luxurious feeling. 

Asahi International Asia’s Regional Marketing Director, Ms. Loretta Lee adds, “We’re always looking for meaningful ways to connect with consumers by showcasing our brand identity through never-seen-before ideas. With Lunar New  Year being a key time to celebrate and share a drink with loved ones in Asia, we look forward to presenting the quick,  clean and super dry taste of Asahi Super Dry canned in the new and exclusive design. We wish everyone a prosperous  New Year, and encourage all to keep an eye on our dedicated social channels for more updates and promotions about  the Year of the Rabbit – 2023 is set to be an exciting year for Asahi Super Dry!”

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