Abang Ninja’s Lovely Tale of Delivery

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 APRIL 2024 – Leading tech-enabled logistics company, Ninja Van Malaysia, released a heartwarming music video for this year’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri. The video narrates the story of how a Ninja Van Malaysia rider’s life took a positive turn from a fateful encounter with his beloved during one of his deliveries.

The music video not only unravels the joys and sorrows that his job entails, but mirrors the experiences of many delivery drivers who play an integral role in Ninja Van Malaysia’s operations, delivering delight one parcel at a time. Joining Ninja Van Malaysia in their musical bandwagon is local artist, DJ Fuzz, Founder of Mixology Media, in a surprising twist that captivates the hearts of youngsters to celebrate the spirit of the holy month, with their unique and unconventional music.  

“While Ninja Van Malaysia is well-known for our meticulous parcel handling and hassle-free deliveries, we wish to extend our gratitude beyond shippers and businesses and shine the spotlight on our hardworking riders who are our unsung heroes. We hope to spread the message that focuses on familial love, gratitude to loved ones. Much like a family that sticks together through thick and thin, we would like to showcase Ninja Van Malaysia’s unwavering support to our delivery riders, a commitment that never wavers, come rain or shine,” said Low Vway Huan, Head of Marketing at Ninja Van Malaysia. 

The video opens with a young Ninja Van Malaysia rider played by Fimie Don, where his fate intertwined with his soulmate, played by Ayunie Rizal. The love story unfolds and showcases glimpses of his life throughout the years. Towards the end, the video captures Ninja Van’s constant presence as a steadfast companion in his life, ensuring every delivery is complete and that the riders feel valued, just like family. The video is set in the background of exuberant hip hop music, performed by DJ Fuzz.

“Selecting the right talents for our video was paramount during our planning stage. In the end, we felt that collaborating with Fimie Don was a natural decision, given his acting prowess and popularity among the youth. His on-set demeanour also complemented Ayunie Rizal’s enchanting presence, adding a melodious blend to our visual narrative and contributing to the video’s overall success,” added Vway Huan.

Through this collaboration with DJ Fuzz, Ninja Van Malaysia plans to be a source of entertainment and solace for those observing the fast during the holy months of Ramadan and Raya.

Please visit Ninja Van’s YouTube channel to view the video in full.


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