A Mother’s Day to Remember with Elevete Patisserie’s Sweet Treats

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 MAY 2024 — Elevete Patisserie is thrilled to announce its exclusive Mother’s Day Collection, a tribute to the sweetest love of all. This year, Elevete Patisserie invites you to celebrate the queen of your heart with a selection of confections that promises to elevate the art of gifting. The Elevete Patisserie Mother’s Day Collection is available for purchase from now until 19th May 2024. All of Elevete Patisserie products are halal-certified. 

Mom’s Love Bouquet Designer Cupcakes | RM 148.00


Can’t choose between getting a flower or cupcakes for Mother’s Day? Why not both! Elevete Patisserie offers the Mom’s Love Bouquet Designer Cupcakes priced at RM 148.00, a combination of both, perfect for warming her heart. The bouquet features seven beautifully decorated cupcakes bursting with new vibrant flavours of Vanilla Raspberry and Raspberry Red Velvet, together with our best sellers, Pandan and Salted Caramel Chocolate


Raspberry Rose Lychee Sugee Cake | RM 98.00


Elevete Patisserie presents the Raspberry Rose Lychee Sugee Cake, priced at RM98, as a centrepiece of its celebratory collection. For those who cherish the timeless appeal of classic confections, this cake offers a luxurious twist on the traditional sugee cake. Each slice is a symphony of flavours, with the rich, buttery foundation of the cake complemented by the zest of mandarin peels and the crunch of almonds. The experience is elevated by a layer of tangy raspberry jam, delicately perfumed with rose essence, creating a sophisticated dessert that is as memorable as it is delicious


Strawberry Tart | RM 118.00

Discover the delight of Elevete Patisserie’s Strawberry Tart, available for RM118. Crafted with an almond flour crust and layered with lemon chiffon sponge and strawberry compote, it’s topped with whipped mascarpone and fresh strawberries. A tribute to the nurturing love of mothers, this tart is a piece of art in every bite.


Strawberry Mousse Entremet | RM 158.00

Celebrate Mother’s Day with the splendour of Elevete Patisserie’s Strawberry Mousse Entremet, priced at RM158. A luxurious twist on the classic strawberry shortcake, this dessert is a visual and sensory delight. It features layers of fluffy lime chiffon sponge and airy mascarpone mousse, interlaced with tangy strawberry compote and enriched with raspberry white chocolate mousse. Presented as a delicate blossom, this entremet is the perfect way to express your appreciation for the most special woman in your life.




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