15 Years of Malaysia’s Living Heritage Preservation: Temple Tree Resort Langkawi Celebrating Excellence in Heritage Conservation

15 Years of Malaysia's Living Heritage Preservation Temple Tree Resort Langkawi Celebrating Excellence in Heritage Conservation

Temple Tree Resort Langkawi Recognised as Best Boutique Hotel at the prestigious TTG Travel Awards 2023

Temple Tree Resort Langkawi, an enchanting haven seamlessly blending history, heritage, nature, and island charm, proudly announces its remarkable achievement of being awarded the Best Boutique Hotel by TTG Travel Awards 2023. The only resort in Langkawi to win this award, this prestigious recognition reaffirms Temple Tree Resort Langkawi’s commitment to providing exceptional and unique experiences to its guests.

“We are honoured to receive the Best Boutique Hotel award from the 2023 TTG Travel Awards. The award reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and preserving Malaysia’s rich heritage after 15 years of opening. We hope this award will inspire more hotel owners to preserve historic sites, promoting sustainability and highlighting Malaysia’s cultural and historical heritage, elevating Malaysia’s commitment to sustainable tourism”, said Mark Simmons, owner of Temple Tree Resort Langkawi.
“We will focus on further sustainable enhancement and maintenance of the resort as well as spreading the awareness of heritage building preservation that contributes to and has been proven to provide a unique travel destination”, continues Mark.

Nestled within a century-old rustic coconut tree plantation and surrounded by lush greenery, Temple Tree Resort Langkawi offers 21 uniquely designed rooms and suites, each distinct in character and set within eight lovingly preserved Malaysian heritage houses. Despite their historic facades, these accommodations are equipped with modern facilities, ensuring stylish and comfortable stays for couples, families, groups of friends, and solo travellers alike.Temple Tree Resort Langkawi’s diverse range of accommodations caters to various group sizes and celebrations. From the expansive Straits House, ideal for families or large groups, to the intimate Negeri Sembilan House and the multi-generational Colonial House, each dwelling exudes its own character and charm. The Estate House, a cosy retreat for solo travellers and couples, offers serene moments amidst its terracotta floors, lush gardens, and private bathtubs.

“I would like to thank TTG Asia for this award, the dedication and support from our team at Temple Tree, our Management company Filoxenia, Langkawi and Kedah communities, local state agencies and all our guests. Being the only resort in Langkawi to win this recognition is a proud moment for us and it is our hope that this award will help boost further tourism in Langkawi,” Mark added.
Temple Tree Resort Langkawi’s recognition at the TTG Travel Awards 2023 aligns with broader trends in the travel industry, where discerning travellers seek authentic and culturally rich experiences. Malaysia, with its unique blend of history, heritage, and natural beauty, is poised to capture the imagination of global travellers. As Temple Tree Resort Langkawi basks in the glory of its Best Boutique Hotel award, it remains dedicated to its vision and values, continuing to offer unparalleled experiences to travellers seeking the allure of Langkawi.
Temple Tree Resort Langkawi invites travellers to experience the magic of Langkawi while enjoying a stay in its unique and culturally rich accommodations.


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