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July 31, 2017 New York, Fashion One – Ever wonder how people behind closed doors of the biggest brands, magazines and runways live. Fashion One –– the leading New York based international fashion, entertainment and lifestyle network –– will be tagging along with six (6) different personalities from various fashion industry perspectives in, Fashion 24 Hours, the brand new special series.

Every week, cameras follow an outstanding female fashion professional, beginning from the second she wakes up until she calls it a night, giving you an insider’s look into what a day in the life of a famous model, photographer, stylist, makeup artist, or other fashion leader, is really like. Fashion 24 Hours reveals the hidden truth behind the unknown glamorous lifestyle these fashion figures are publicly known for. Trailing these otherwise hard to find fashion experts for a whole day, bringing to light secrets from their daily life experience.

Fashion 24 Hours - Episode 3 - Dariia Day re

Live the jet setting life of international bookings with top 50 ranked model, Maja Salamon; feel the passion and be inspired by the frontiers of beauty with renowned fashion photographer, Michelle Du Xuan; go beyond runway shows and magazine photo shoots with talented stylist, Marta Siniło; get to know more about Dariia Day, the make-up artist behind some of Vogue Magazine’s best editorial shoots; discover what it’s like to run a luxury brand empire with Elisabeth Visoanska, businesswoman and founder of Visoanska Paris haute cosmetics; and experience having it all with top fashion model and stylist, Yulia Lobova-Harfouch.

Behind each person’s fame is the hard work and perseverance one needs to have to become successful in this cutthroat industry.

Fashion 24 Hours premieres on August 16, 2017, and will air every Wednesday at 7 pm (GMT+8) in Malaysia, on Fashion One. Fashion One is available on ABNxcess (channel 265).

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