The Ipoh Food Fest will be having its best yet on the 19th and 20th of November with the Visit to Happy Farm and the Chinese Halal Street. Also in partnership with Kakiseni, the officiating of The Other Fest 2017 is also being carried out and Dapur Jalanan’s picnic for all.

19 November : Happy Farm is Ipoh’s organic farm situated at the back of the mountains. Exporting A grade sweet potatoes to Hong Kong and Singapore, the 20 year old farm has been hiding away from the hustles and bustles. Surrounded by lakes and mountains, be around farm animals, learn of goldfish rearing and enjoy the sweet potatoes.

20 November 2016
8AM – 2PM : Join us for Malaysia’s First Chinese Halal Fest as Ipoh’s very own Chinese Muslim Community takes part in Ipoh’s festivities to bring the town to life. Their first time out in public. lets bring the crowd and welcome them.

3PM : Kakiseni has been doing an art fest in Ipoh for the week. On Sunday, the 20th of November, join in the officiating ceremony with YB Dato Nolee as they launch The Other Fest 2017!

5PM : Dapur Jalanan believes in the right of food for all and being in Ipoh, that no one should ever go hungry. The try to abolish a status quo by having a mini picnic allows for the city to mix with other walks of life over a box of food.

For further information, please contact Allison Nadine at +60165177295

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8.00 AM – 2.00 PM
facebook page : http://bit.ly/2g0nsti

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HAPPY FARM (meetup Caltex Station on Tambun)
| Meetup : 9am | 9.30AM – 11.30AM |
facebook page : http://bit.ly/2fq51yY

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Officiating of The Other Fest 2017
3.00 PM
facebook page : http://bit.ly/2fsU41V

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Medan Dato’ Sagor/Birch Memorial Clock Tower
5.00PM – 7.00PM
facebook page : http://bit.ly/2fK1Ylf